Public Record Requests

The City of Newport is a local city government providing a vast array of services, any person wishing to request access to public records of the City of Newport or seeking assistance in making such a request should contact the Public Records Officers of the City of Newport, the Deputy Clerk or Police Clerk. The public records officers will oversee compliance with the act but another City staff member may process the request, we are always mindful of individuals’ privacy rights, and are aware of the need to have efficient and accurate information from requests.

For Administrative Requests:

Deputy Clerk: Tiffany Hansen–

Public Records Policy
Public Records Request Form

For Police Record Requests: 

Police Clerk: Kathryn Bowman –

Police Records Request Form
Newport Police Page

Public Record Fees
* 15 cents per photocopy or printed copy of the electronic record
* 10 cents per scanned page
* 5 cents per four electronic files or attachments uploaded to email or other electronic delivery
* 10 cents per gigabyte for the transmission of electronic records

For more information please call our office at 509-447-5611 or visit in person at 200 S Washington, Newport WA 99156.