Building & Zoning

Building Department
The seat to Pend Oreille County Administrative Offices

As of July 2018, the City of Newport contracts with J.A. Sewell & Associates, LLC for building permit applications & services. 

Building Inspector: Pat Park, CBO ICC certified Building Official, ICC Certified Fire Marshal

For inspections please call 208-263-4160 to schedule; call at least 24 hours before you would like your inspection.

The City of Newport adopted and uses the 2015 International Building Code per Ordinance #2047

For current Building codes including zoning and setbacks please click on NMC Title 15 below.   For more information on Development Regulations please click on NMC Title 17 below.

Please submit completed building applications to

Building Permit Applications:

A mechanical permit is required when installing, altering, relocating or replacing a  mechanical systems such as heating, duct work or cooling or fuel gas piping in existing buildings.  Click on the permit below and send it to  A separate permit is not necessary for new construction.  

– Mechanical Permit Application

Installing, replacing or repairing anything pertaining to the water system by a homeowner or contractor requires a plumbing permit.  A separate application is not necessary for new commercial or residential construction.

You do not need a permit to replace a sink, toilet, or showerhead.

Plumbing Permit


Demolition permits are required for moving, relocating or demolishing a structure or building over 200sqft.  Attach a copy of the deed showing the current owner of the residence and the legal description of the property. A site plan showing the existing structures including water and sewer lines is required. Asbestos mitigation is required per Washington State Building Code.  

– Demolition Permit

A residential building permit is required any time a structure over 200 square feet and zoned residential is constructed, enlarged, or remodeled.  A copy of the deed  showing the owners’  name and legal description of the property and a completed plot plan is required.  Please provide clear directions to the building site. If available, provide a copy of the stamped engineered construction plans.

Deeds are available from the Pend Oreille County Auditor.

You can email copies of the completed forms and attachments to

Residential Building Permit Application

– New Water & Sewer Permit


Sign permits will have to be submitted with a copy of the deed or a lease agreement showing your name and the legal description of the property with your application. All signs must be in compliance with the zoning and subdivision zoning in Chapter 17.03. Plans for the sign must be included and the plans must include elevations of all sides of the structure, footing and foundation details, framing details, dimensions, image of the sign, and free-standing and pole signs must be stamped by a Washington Licensed Architecture Engineer. 

Building Permit Application

Plot Plan Form

Building Valuation Form

A copy of the deed or lease agreement showing your name and legal description of the property, compliance with the zoning, and a completed plot plan will need to be provided. Please provide clear directions to the building site. Also provide a copy of the stamped engineered construction plans that include elevations of all sides of the structure, floor plans for all floor levels, showing location of smoke detectors, sizes and locations of the windows, complete framing details, typical cross-section of the structure showing elevations of the interior, roof details/truss specifications, and dimensions must be clearly indicated on the plans.

Construction of new commercial building will require the following permits to be filled out along with the above mentioned documentation. We also suggest looking at the building and zoning codes to make sure that is allowable use. 

– Building Permit Application

– Building Valuation Form

– Plot Plan Form

– New Water & Sewer Permit

Utility Connections

New water and sewer connections as a result of a new building commercial or residential require connection fees and purchase of a water meter.

Not sure if your project needs a permit?

Things that need a permit: 

  • Installing a new HVAC system (See Mechanical)
  • Installing a sprinkler system (See Plumbing)
  • A remodel that changes plumbing, electrical, or any load barring walls
  • Changes in the roof plan; including any types of add on’s
  • Installing a deck over 32″ in height
  • Building a new building of any sort over 200 sqft
  • Demolition of a building
  • Installing a solar system
  • Fences – installing, replacing or altering

That does not need a permit: 

  • Changing out windows or doors of the same size
  • Changes in the interior that do not affect load-bearing walls
  • Groundwork like small landscaping projects or a driveway
  • A small building under 200 square feet. 

Land Use Development

If you are making changes to to land use such as a lot line adjustment, Short Plat, Variances, planned development, vacations you will need to complete a Master Land Use Development Permit.

Newport Fee Schedule


To view all the City of Newport fees, please review the Fee Schedule – Resolution 20231120.

Building permit fees are determined by the project including labor, material costs, plan review, and other associated fees.

Resolution 20240116 Adopting a Construction Permit Fee Schedule based on “square foot construction costs”.


Applying for a new address? You can call City Hall at 509-447-5611 or submit your request through the County follow the link below and select submit address request online on the left hand side of the page.  

Request a New Address

– Temporary Business Use Permit
Used for a limited duration as determined by the City, including, but not limited to, mobile food carts, fireworks stands, Christmas tree lots, sidewalk sales, traveling carnivals or circuses, and seasonal or temporary outdoor retail sales.